You’re ingredient in what makes living at Quapaw Tower SPECIAL

  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette delivered to subscriber’s door
  • Coffee available in the Hospitality Room each morning at 7:00 a.m.
  • Professional, Seasonal, Decorations in Lobby & Hospitality Room
  • Exercise Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Charcoal Grill, Pool Area
  • Gazebo, Pool Area
  • Hospitality Room (used for informal gatherings and private parties)
  • Laundry Room, Each Floor
  • Lending Library, Hospitality Room
  • Mail, incoming/outgoing via the U. S. Postal Service
  • Newsletter (“ON THE QT”) published monthly
  • Recycling: all paper – cardboard – plastic
  • Vending Machines, First Floor
  • Capital Car Service   (501) 375-9000


Residents of Quapaw Tower are young, middle-aged, old; black, white, other; outgoing, shy; cranky, laidback; humorous, dour; involved, uninvolved; whiners/doers; married, single, divorced, widowed, committed; still working, retired; travelers, stay-at-homers; Republicans, Democrats, Independents, or none of the above; owner, lessors, lessees; Baptist, Catholics, Methodist, others or none; community volunteers, or not; philanthropists, or not.

In other words, this small community includes people from many different backgrounds, with all types of personalities, but they peacefully co-exist on a relatively small piece of property. They’re the key ingredient in what makes living at Quapaw Tower SPECIAL.